Friday, July 27, 2012

STiAE Report

Two students Mr. BRITTO PAUL LOUIS and Mr. C. MUKUND from the Department of Automobile Engineering were sent to Germany to attend the training program.  The training program started on July 2, 2012 and will continue till July 20, 2012. The program is being conducted by Steinbeis Transfer centre for Automotive Engineering Esslingen, at Esslingen University, Stuttgart, Germany.
The course includes the following topics:
  • Vehicle technology.
  • Power electronics and electric drives.
  • Advanced internal combustion engine system.
  • Transmission control.
  • Automatic transmission and hybrid transmission.
  • Fuel cell and other alternative car concepts.
  • Why car structures fail?
  • Two excursions days.
  • Finally two examinations for the students.
The students have contacted the department and the faculty over phone and informed about the training and further information will be given after the students come back from Germany.


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