Friday, July 6, 2012

Design and Development of Three Wheeler For Physically Challenged

Student’s Name : Dhilip Kumar A., Kannan T., Dhamothar S.
Department : Automobile
Supervisor’s Name : Mr. K. Kamalakkannan, Asst. Professor

The project was taken up having the differently able (disability with legs) in mind–such a person can use this three-wheeler to make a living. The idea revolves around the concept of modifying the driver’s cabin of the auto rickshaw to accommodate a wheel chair, which can be held in place providing the comfort and the necessary safety to the driver. The controls are tailor made to make the fully operable by hands alone. Some of the specialized modification include incorporating a continuously varying transmission which relives the driver from the pain of constant gear shifting enabling him to do more with his hands, the brake is modified to be operated by hand in place of the clutch, a flip type door is employed for easy ingress and egress from the vehicle and a locking mechanism is provided for the wheel chair to enable utmost safety. The body of the standard vehicle are modified to have all such amenities- the dashboard, cabin floor region are fabricated specially for use in this vehicle.

The project taken up with all its features will be of great help to the differently able to live the independent lifestyle just like anybody else.


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