Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scientists of Tomorrow

Hindustan Innovation Factory an arm of Hindustan University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department conducted an “in-camera” session on the innovations leading to societal benefits. The department, since its inception has been striving hard to bring out the best of talent, creativity and entrepreneurial skills of graduating students in mentoring them as “ SCIENTISTS OF TOMORROW “.

The exploration through research and scientific application has been the main academic pursuit the departments of Aero, Auto, ECE, EIE, Mech, MCA and IT under the guidance and supervision of highly qualified and most valued members of faculty. Hindustan University is putting in significant efforts to bring forth these innovations in channelizing them to the societal benefit.

In the introductory speech the Registrar emphasized that all innovations should either benefit society or industry. In an address by the Special Invitee, Mr. Dhorai Thodla mentioned idea is the child of innovation and that leads to a greater society by practical application. As a Mentor and Guide for many in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr. Dhorai said he always insists on resourcing for the materialization of the ideas with effective execution.

The Hindustan innovation factory is a platform for innovative ideas and creations. It focuses on helping up-coming inventors, idea generations, entrepreneurship and green technologies. The Hindustan innovation factory promotes entrepreneurship and student startups on campus. The e-cell as a part of the NEN on campus with the Hindustan innovation Factory gives students the guidance and mentor to help upcoming starters.

The Innovation factory conducted the press conference regarding the innovations by students from different departments. There was a session consisting of presentations which focused on the varied innovations brought out through the factory. Significant among them were a project on Robotics which is India’s first Andro humanoid Robot with 32 degrees of freedom. In another project group of final year UG students from Aero made a Solar Powered Glider which is significant in the current contest of rising fuel prices and power shortages. A final year student from the Department of MCA presented on Internet Security using Steganography attached to http protocol. The break-through innovation was a Three Wheeler Auto for Physically Challenged which was highly appreciated for the scope of livelihood to many who really need to get such support. A group of automobile students gave presentation on the developed ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) which was on the lines of BAJA, USA. Students from final year of UG & PG presented on the occasion.

Also present on the occasion were Ms. Vishnu Priya, Head – NEN, Chennai, Dr. K. Sarukesi, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Pon Ramalingam, Registrar, Mr. Bruce D. Miller, Entrepreneurship Head and Mr. Venu Menon, Head – Innovation and Dy Director.


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