Tuesday, July 3, 2012

India’s 1st and World’s 14th Andro Humanoid with 32 DOF

Name : Shyam.R.Nair
Course : ME (Process Control and Instrumentation Engineering)
Guide : Prof. Manjula Pramod
Dept : Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Email id : mail2shyamrnair@gmail.com, shyamieee@gmail.com

SAM is an Andro Humanoid Robot which uses Cascaded Computational Intelligence. SAM has 32 degrees of freedom. He is the first of his kind in India and 14th in the world.

SAM has legs but moves with the help of wheels and hence he can only move in a plane surface. SAM has 11 joints including the hip, neck, jaw, shoulders, elbow, wrist and finger. SAM can be controlled using voice commands and it is unbounded wireless control as he uses high speed internet for communication with the human master.

SAM V0.0 is not designed for a specific application, instead, he will be used as a model for developing the higher versions which will be integrated with more and more features. SAM can rotate his hip and neck and can speak due to the freedom of jaw movement. He uses right hand for giving shake hands, picking some objects, etc. He uses the left hand for shooting down a target.

SAM can be controlled by human master from round the world with the fulfillment of certain basic conditions. The main intention in the future works on SAM will be to develop an andro humanoid robot which will work in harmony with the human master.


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