Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Solar Powered Glider

Dept. : Aeronautical
Students Name : Amith Shanker P ,
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Students Name : Asharaf S,
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Students Name : Athul Krishna
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Students Name : Aneesh P ,
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Course : B.E-Aeronautical Engineering
Supervisor’s Name : Mr.A.J.Arun Jeyaprakash

This project deals with airplane using battery power and solar energy as their source of energy for more than 24 hours of flight. Using solar panels, they collect sun's energy during the day for immediate use and store the remaining part for the night flight. Its major advantage lies in the fact that it is simple and versatile, which makes it applicable to a large range of airplanes of different wing spans. The design methodology is based on mass balances occurring during level flight. Finally, various additional possibilities to improve the endurance of a solar airplane are addressed.

The ability of an aircraft to fly during a much extended period of time has become a key issue for civilian aviation and UAVs application at high altitudes that require remaining airborne for a long period of time includes:

i. Communication platform for mobile devices
ii. Weather research and forecast
iii. Environmental monitoring

The target endurance is achieved with the help of a system composed of many subsystems that continuously exchange energy. Solar powered aircrafts are the solution to meat above requirements. The objective of the project is to study the feasibility of solar powered flight and to develop a fully functional prototype.


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