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Staff and Students Achievements

Asian Rowing Championship

The Association of School Rowing in Asia in Association with Hindustan University in “THE ROWING CENTER” Chennai from 28th to 31st July, 2010. The Inaugural Regatta was organized last year in Lake Rowing Club, Moratuwa, Srilanka. This year the competition was hosted by Hindustan University in the Rowing Center near Koovathur, ECR, Chennai.

Rowing Champ of Hindustan

Mr. RAKESHH M. of II year Aerospace Engineering, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, represented Tamil Nadu in the 31st National Junior Rowing Championship held at Hyderabad, December 2010. He took part both in Single Scull and Double Scull and emerged as Semi Finalist in both & ranked 6th in the country in Doubles.

NASA CONTEST 2009-2010

Amphibious Tilt Rotor for Rescue Operations Subsonic Rotary Wing Project


How did we come to know about the contest?
While surfing the net, we found that NASA has been conducting a Tilt Rotor Design Competition 2009-2010 for students in high school level as well as college level in two levels namely

U. S Category
Non U. S Category

We noticed that the contest is mainly based on innovative and creative team work including a faculty advisor. Also found that only U. S Category Team Winners are eligible for cash price and internships at NASA. The rest all will receive trophies and certificates. After understanding the problem statement mentioned in the NASA Website, we decided to participate in the competition and discussed the contest with Prof. P. S. Venkatnarayanan and selected him as the faculty advisor for our design project.

Problem Description:
To design a tilt rotor for rescue operations while natural calamities like Tsunami, Hurricane and Forest Fires when roads, runways, railways, and harbors are damaged.

Amphibious Tilt rotor Design Goals

Cruise speed: 300 knots
Design range: 800 nm


Take-off from water or ground; land on water or ground. Water includes lakes and oceans.
Carry up to 50 passengers
Siphon water into an internal tank and expel water while airborne operations

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

To submit a conceptual design for an amphibious tilt rotor that meets or exceeds the design goals and capabilities described above. Describe the technical issues associated with water landings and take-offs.

First Approach:

During the 6th and 7th semester of our Aeronautical Engineering programme, we had to work on the Aircraft Design Project (ADP 1 and 2). The experience gained in designing the project helped us to to proceed with the project in hand with ease.

We also spent days in library and had gone through several books mainly on Aerodynamics, Engines Propulsion etc, which helped us to understand the tilt rotor working principle. We collected materials regarding tilt rotor design and operation, and also got information through you tube videos.


We have discussed the problem statement with our faculty members Prof. P. S. Venkatnarayanan and Dr. P. K. Dash. They guided us whenever we required help.

Design Stage:

We were thinking on for months about tilt rotor, searched and collected all the information regarding the contest for about 3 months and preserved the data. Finally we prepared our report mainly containing

1. Design Phase In which we proposed the initial design objectives and briefly discussed the various design stages.

2. Airfoil Selection Selection of 6 digit NACA airfoil.

3. Wing, and Fuselage Selection

4. Flight Controls Use of elevons and discussed pitch, roll and yaw controls.

5. Float Actuation

6. Weight Estimation and Performance Calculations.

7. 3D Image and Design Image.

Includes hand drawings and design image created using CATIA software.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges


Cruise speed: 300 knots
Design range: 800 nm
Take-off from water or ground; land on water or ground.
Carry up to 50 passengers.
Siphon water into an internal tank and expel water while airborne operations


Vertical takeoff and landing.
A long time hovering is possible; thereby it can perform better rescue operations.
Belly itself acts as a float for landing and takeoff in water, also incorporated special floats which further helps in emergency.
Multi-mission is possible thereby can be used in Defense & Navy
High altitude and range compared to Helicopter.
Constructed using advanced composites thereby high reliability

Working of the design:
The tilt rotor we have designed consisting of three engines. Two engines are located at the wings acting as tilt rotors during operations and one engine at the front performs helicopter operation. While cruise the rear engines are tilted using hydraulic power like normal aircraft. During take-off, landing, and hovering all three engines are in vertical position in order to give lift.

How can it be useful for our country?
Man made or Natural Disaster Management

Natural calamities like,

Earthquake (E.g. : Gujarat)
Tsunami (South Indian Coasts)
Flash floods(E.g. : Kashmir)
Floods in North East Regions like Bihar, Orissa, Assam
Forest Fires etc.
Searching of fishermen in accident especially in Tamil NADU.

Man made disasters like,

Bhopal gas tragedy in Bhopal
Nuclear Radiation


Army to work in mountain regions like Himalayas and North East Regions.

To carry troops in emergency condition like 26th December bomb blast.

Navy Operations:

Rescuing fishermen while at storms in oceans and border problems
Night Patrol
Coastal Security

Air Force Operations:

Mainly at hill stations to assist other forces.

Final Stage:

We designed the tilt rotor as per the rules of FAA, AIAA, and ICAO and prepared the design report and attached the necessary requirements regarding the team and faculty including the design image and send it to NASA.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges


Finally NASA has published the results of Tilt Rotor Design Competition 2009-2010 by 4th week of June in which they have mentioned that over hundreds of teams have participated in the contest and our team has secured the highest score in Non U. S Team Level. The results were published in the NASA Official Website and our Team has won the honors under Non U. S Category. Our team image, concepts image and abstract are published in NASA Website. Our team has received trophies and certificates from NASA also.

* We have also applied for patent right of our design.

Stalwartz Team of Hindustan University

The Team STALWARTZ comprising students of Automobile and Mechanical Departments of Hindustan University participated for the third time in JKTyre BAJA SAE India, a competition organized by SAE India (Society of Automotive Engineers) at the NATRAX facility of NATRIP in Pithampur, Indore, Madhya Pradesh in the last week of January. For this competition, the students have to fight all odds, to engineer and race the best off-road buggy with the engine sponsored by LOMBARDINI. The student engineered vehicles were judged by a panel of 60 judges comprising of Technocrats, CEOs, R&D Experts, Senior Automobile Engineers, Racers and Auto Journalists. More than 1500 students from 80 Institutions across India took part in the Event. After working hard for more than seven months in the Auto Laboratory, the students successfully fabricated an all wheel drive buggy with a self designed gearbox which gives the driver options for maximum torque and speed.The vehicle also gives an option to switch between two wheel drive and all wheel drive. 95 percent of the vehicle parts were fabricated in-house by the students themselves. The students of Hindustan University have successfully completed the 3 hour endurance run after clearing various static and dynamic tests for the first time. The icing of the Event was that at the HR Meet organized during the Event; two students of Hindustan University got placed in Mahindra & Mahindra on the spot.

Mudwreck - An All Terrain Vehicle by Stalwartz Team, HITS

A Team from Ten Sports and JK Tyres Company, Title Sponsors of SAE BAJA visited Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science (HITS) to take a video coverage of the Mudwreck (An All Terrain Vehicle developed by Team Stalwartz, comprising students of the School of Mechanical Sciences, HITS). Stalwartz being amongst the first teams in India to have their vehicle exhibited, this early grabbed the attention of the media – a privilege offered to only a select few.

As reported by the onlookers, the vehicle is said to be fastest than most other colleges and is better in terms of design and workmanship.

Mudwreck did a splendid job in front of the camera leaving them all dumbstruck. The technical inspector who inspected the functioning of the vehicle had nothing to complain about and was all praises for the achievement. The vehicle, Mudwreck is an accomplishment and a dream come true for Stalwartz Team of Hindustan, a proud, moment indeed! It appears that the Winner’s Trophy seems not too far from reach.

Releasing of First Tamil POP Album by University Students

"MUSIC + KADHAL" = MUDHAL, The First Tamil POP Album is produced and launching by our Hindustan University students team named "ILLUSION BAND". This POP Album will be releasing on 13th September 2010. The ILLUSION Band Members who have done this album are Mr. Cheran, Mr. Mohandoss, Mr. Arvind Raman, Mr. Kartik, Mr. Suseender, Ms. Aswathy.

HITS Football Team in upbeat mood as their player gets the Best Camper Award

The Second International Residential Football Camp in Chennai organized by PIFA (Premiership Indian Football Academy) was held at Nehru Stadium in Association with Premiere Indian Football Academy from 4th to 7th November, 2010. The camp was organized to spot out the Young Talents from India aged between 10-17 years. 35 players were selected for the camp. Five players from Hindustan University were privileged to clinch this golden opportunity.

First year students of various departments namely, Mr. Sathish Kumar, (Electronic and Instrumentation), Mr. Soma Sundaran and Mr. Janakiraman (Mechanical), Mr. Kenzong Galay & Mr. Leckdon (Civil) participated in the camp. They were given Intensive Training Programme by two International Football Coaches from United European Football Association. Mr. Mathew Elder from Everton Football Club and Mr. Nicholas Jones from Manchester United Club imparted strength training and football skills to the campers. Our University student, Mr. Kenzang Galay was presented the ‘‘Best Camper Award”.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Mechanical Sciences at the National Quiz Contest

Great Feat by students of the School of Mechanical Sciences, HITS at the National Quiz Contest – The winner takes it all - A trip to Switzerland, Geneva Motor Show 2010.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

About the Contest:

The Mahindra Auto Quotient is a National Level Auto Quiz Contest that is conducted annually by Mahindra. It was held for the first time in 2009. Mahindra Auto Quotient 2010, witnessed the participation of students from reputed institution from various parts of our country. Business Schools also entered into the fray as well.

Stages of the Contest:

The contests were conducted at three levels namely City, Regional and National Levels.

Level One: City Finals

The City Rounds were held in 16 cities across India. The Chennai City Rounds were held on 13th September 2010, at SRM Eswari College, Ramapuram. Around 50 – 60 teams from various city colleges participated. The first round was a written preliminary round. At the end of the round the top four teams were selected for the on-stage City finals of the top four teams, two were from Hindustan and one each from IIT Madras and MIT. Hindustan University Team scored 1000 points and won the City finals. Our University also won the second place as well. As the winner of the City Level, we progressed to the Regional Finals, where we would be battling against four other teams from the South Zone.

Level Two: Regional Finals

The South Zone Finals was held on 29th October 2010 in Mumbai. This round was between five teams: Hindustan University Team from Chennai, last year winners MSRIT Bangalore, Government Engineering College, Trivandrum, PSG Tech from Coimbatore and a team from IIM Bangalore. This quiz was tougher than the previous rounds, and it went all the way down to a tie-breaker between Hindustan University Team and GEC Trivandrum. Finally, it was our team that emerged as the winners of the Regional Finals, we progressed to the National Finals. We also received a cheque of Rs. 30000 as well.

Level Three: National Finals----Final Countdown

The National Finals were held on 31st October in Mumbai. This was between the winners of each of the Regional Finals. The finalists were:

South Zone : Hindustan University, Chennai

West Zone : Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai

East Zone : Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

North Zone : BITS, Pilani

There were seven quiz rounds and it was a tough nut to crack. With initial hiccups, when our team couldn’t score a single point during the first two rounds, the team kept the spirit going though others had taken a good lead. Our University Team bounced back in the third round, and by the sixth round, we had 800 points. After the sixth round, two teams were eliminated. The seventh round was between Hindustan University and FMS Delhi. It was a rapid fire round, where one member from each team would face 10 questions in quick succession. Each question would add 100 points to our existing score. We managed to beat FMS in the final round, 1400 to 1000, to win the Auto Quotient 2010.

Final Results:

Hindustan University Team emerge winners of the Quiz Contest

Hindustan University Team was declared the overall winners and made it to the top. The team gets a free trip to Geneva, Switzerland, for the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. The proud students of Hindustan University who achieved this exemplary feat are Mr. K. J. Jaichandran B.E. Automobile III year and Mr. M. Vijayendran, B.E. Mechanical III year.

The team who got the second prize gets a chance to make a trip to Dubai to experience the famous Dune Bashing, and the teams that got the third and fourth prize gets an opportunity to visit Jodhpur, to participate in the Mahindra Great Escape Rally.

Catch them live on TV
The Regional and National Finals will be aired on NDTV 24x7 and NDTV Profit in the month of December 2010.

Aeronautical students brings glory to Hindustan University

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

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