Friday, December 9, 2011

Seminar on Defence Education for the 21st century - HITS & Cranfield University,Defence Academy of the UK

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

The first talk was by Prof Ian Wallace, Head of School, CranfieldDefence and Security. He stressed on the different defence- oriented programmes at Cranfield. He said a large number of countries, including those in the developing world, come to Cranfield for defence education. In addition, programmes on cyber security and technology management are offered in the defence academy. An overview of the different programmes at Cranfieldand the changing methodology was presented by him.

In the second talk, Mr. Rajeev Sawhney from Boeing India at Bangalore, spoke about defence experimentation and the large offset funds available to take up work in the area of defence education. He also mentioned about the simulations being done in the area. Dr. Prahalada, Vice Chancellor, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune followed up this talk and discussed about the defence education with specific reference to the soldier and strength to the forces. He talked of the different wars and the motivation provided to the soldier. He said that his institute was better placed as all the DRDO labs in the country were directly accessible to him.

Dr. Manik Mukherjee, Director, Fast, DRDO Delhi provided a glimpse of the warfare over the last several years and the changing scenario. This talk was followed by a discussion on technology enhanced learning by Dr. VenkatSastry of Cranfielduniversity. The e-assessment and the novel work of assessment, driving learning in an e-learning process,were brought out by him. Thereafter, a brief presentation was made on the current drivers for defence education by Dr. S. Sunderrajan, Director, National Institute of Technology, Trichy. He pointed out to the large amount of research work that could be done by academic institutes using the offset funds.

The scaling of blast waves and the damage that they could cause was discussed by Professor Ramamurthi of Hindustan University on the second day of the seminar. This talk was followed by a lecture by Mr. B. V. Ramanamurthy of CAE India describing the simulators that they have for flight simulation and tank simulation. The application for Navy using computer modeling and other technologies was also presented by his colleague. Thereafter a detailed description of the technologies which are involved in the making of a tank was dealt with by Dr. P. Sivakumar, Director, Combat Vehicle and Research Establishment, Avadi, Chennai. He showed movies of the tanks in operation in the different terrains and also addressed the future developments in the area.

Subsequently, Professor Ian Wallace provided an interesting scenario of a fast-changing world with pollution, population growth and other aspects in the last several years and said these changes have an impact on defence and security. This lecture was followed by a presentation on defence experimentation in a virtual internal security environment by Mr. ManojTyagi of Bharat Electronics, Bangalore. He also spoke of the well-organized courses at the CranfieldDefence Academy.

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