Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hindustan University team a remporte la coupe (clinched the cup)

Hindustan University (one of the best Chennai Engineering Colleges), won the WCC French Section Culturals Competition, held on 22nd March 2011, at Women’s Christian College(WCC), Nungambakkam . A contingent comprising 30 talented participants from Hindustan University represented our institution.

The Department of language’s French section had arranged La Floraison , Cultural Feast, there were both on stage and off stage events.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

The first event on stage was Variety Entertainment . Mr. Mohammed Jeffrey of II year Mechanical Department, participated in the Beat Boxing Event and Mr. Vyshak Das of III year School of Aeronautical Engineering imitated as Donald Duck and both clinched the prizes 1st and 2nd respectively .

The next on stage event was the Solo Music, Mr. Jason, I year Civil, and Ms. Nedhi, II year Architecture took part in this competition and Mr. Jason was placed first in an event with only 1 prize for the song “When the children cry-White Lion” Off stage a flurry of events was running in the likes of No Fire Cooking, where III year CSE students participated. Ms. R. Dhardhishini and Ms. C. Banupriya were placed second while Ms. Radha and Ms. Santana Laxmi, were also placed second in Collage competition. Mr. Vijay Srinivas took part in the Photography Competition

We had one representative for the Solo Dance Competition. Mr. Bargav of III year School of Aeronautical Engineering was placed second for his B-Boying effort. Three bands had represented our University in the Western Music Competition. Retroz the First year Emo Rock Band won the first place for their tributes to Cranberries with Zombie and Cocktail an own composition winning themselves much applause from the audience before claiming top prize .

The Western Group Dance was the final competition of the action packed day . This event witnessed a stiff competition from Anna University, MCC and Stella Maris which made it very difficult for our quickly assembled dance team which put on an exceptional performance.

This brought us to the closing ceremony where we picked up the prizes and Hindustan University team finally clinched the Overall Trophy.

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