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Student's Support Centre at Hindustan University ( Chennai Engineering Colleges )

Student's Life

Hindustan University, (One of the Best Chennai Engineering Colleges ) offers excellent opportunities to its students out-of classroom experience by providing opportunities for personal growth through diverse programming, leadership development, and campus involvement. The wide variety of student-centered� strengthen and polish social, interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. There is an expanded opportunity to meet and interact with students of diverse backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, economic and social).

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Campus Life at the University is committed to creating an exceptional living and learning environment for students.� We are dedicated to enhancing the growth of students to reach their full potential. Campus Life promotes a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students that foster personal development, an engaged community, and a sense of personal connection to the institution as part of our commitment to the university's emphasis on diversity, teaching, research, and� service.

Insurance Cover
Mutually beneficial insurance schemes covering both the student and his/her parents are taken up by the University. Under this scheme, if some mishap happens to him/her, or if anything happens to any one of his/her parents when the student is on the roll, the University (One of the Best Chennai Engineering Colleges ) will help claim insurance for the victim.

Career Service
Hindustan University, (One of the Best Chennai Engineering Colleges ) offers career planning and total job search assistance to its students. These services include career counseling, on-campus interviewing schedules, employment opportunities bulletin, job vacancy postings, and assistance with career search correspondence such as resumes, and cover letters, career workshops and seminars, annual career fairs and referral to other campus agencies.

Counselling Center
Students in their late teens are supposed to have emotional, social and cultural conflicts wherever they undergo their studies. Some of these issues may leave them feeling confused and upset. It may be likely that the stresses they have in their day-to-day life will at some time interfere with their academic achievements and personal growth. The University Counseling Centre will help students deal effectively with such concerns. The centre is staffed with a couple of senior faculty members with predilection for such an avocation.

The Counseling Centre is thoroughly committed to the need for confidentiality in student/ client/ counselor communications. Therefore, confidentiality of student information is maintained in a manner consistent with professional standards of ethical practice and conduct.

The following Counseling Centre Services are provided

Personal Counseling
Educational Counseling
Career Development Programme
Training and Internship Programme

Round Clock Security

A round the clock Security system is provided in vantage points like the main gate, main entrance, hostels, fast food area, parking spot, students center, etc.

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