Wednesday, October 24, 2012


About Formula SAE:

Every year 100 teams are selected to design and build a prototype formula-style, open-wheel race car to compete against international engineering schools in SAE-sponsored design competition. The event scenario is a fictional manufacturing firm which has given task for the students to produce a race car as a potential production item, with a target market of the non-professional weekend autocross racer. The events in each competition are setup to determine not only the race car performance but also the manufacturability, cost, and sales potential.


Students have to assume that a manufacturing firm has engaged them to produce a prototype car for evaluation. In addition to technical skills, students acquire management, marketing and people skills - so vital across all sectors of employment.

By encouraging teams to be innovative and to work on both the technical and business aspects of the project, Formula SAE gives students from around the world the ideal opportunity to learn new skills and showcase their talent.


The Formula SAE is a great learning experience. Students combine what they learn in the classroom with hands-on experience in design, manufacturing, and testing, and develop critical Interpersonal skills while working as a team. They learn project management, marketing, budgeting, communication, and other vital management skills. Students active in Formula SAE become better prepared for their professional careers as engineers. These valuable experiences would not be possible without the generosity of corporate and private sponsors.

Hindustan University FSAE TEAM:
Hindustan University is one among the 3 teams represented INDIA at Formula SAE Italy in September 2012. The team had worked on the car for more than a year to build a FSAE car that is competitive in the static events as well as the dynamic events. We had partnered with MRF Tyres, Motul Lubricants, Ricardo Software, NSK Bearings, Hindustan University Research Department and many more companies that extended their technical support and helped the students to develop a competitive car for 2012.


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