Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gap Theory Musical Concert

Hindustan University are witnessing a string of events chartered for Silver Jubilee Valedictory Programme . On 6th October 2011 the Christian Music Concert struck a chord as a team of gifted singers from abroad performed with sophisticated musical instruments , The team is part of the Campus Crusade, Global Music Band. The main theme of the Music Concert was Gap Theory , it made the audience ponder over the questions mentioned below.
Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges
Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

How do we make sense of disparity as members of the human race?
How are we creating a context complex enough to accommodate everything?

Above all the title, Gap Theory’ suggests that much of life is about trying to jump the gap between what we believe to be true and what we see with our eyes.
Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

International band Keynote, the Gap Theory, starring Ethan, Trevor, Seth, Scott and Stephen performed with reverence, divinity and lively spirit.

The students made a bee line to the Open Air Theatre with enthusiasm to listen and visualize the mesmerizing performance by the Band. The students enjoyed dancing to the beats of the music and it turned into a crescendo as the guests made the crowd hysteric with the patriotic song “Jai ho”. The testimony shared by Seth was touching as it erupted from the divine soul and made everyone feel from their hearts. Mr. Ashok Verghese , Director Hindustan University applauded the band and presented them with mementos. The performance by the band was a fitting note of celebration by the grace of the Almighty as the Institution celebrates its Silver Jubilee year.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges
Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

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