Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hindustan University signs MoU with Green- CADD

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

First week of September 2011, Hindustan University, Chennai ( has taken a significant greener initiative by signing up MoU with Green-CADD,; the Value Added Training Partner (VATP) of CAD-PLAN (;Global German software corporation providing value added software solutions and services to the facade engineering industry for more than two decades.

With this business association, Hindustan University and Green-CADD will jointly provide Value Added, Job Oriented and Professional software training on Greener Engineering CAD Software solutions of CAD-PLAN ( namely

(The world’s No. 1 software for Facade Engineering design and drafting) and Flixo (The world’s leading Thermal Analysis software to determine thermal efficiency of facades) to its Engineering students (Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Structural and Thermal).

and Flixo are extensively used in the design and development of facades in construction projects around the world. Noteworthy facade construction projects using ATHENA and Flixo are Skyline Tower in Munich, Germany; Garden Tower in Frankfurt, Germany; Bur Khalifa in Dubai, UAE, Lotte Super Tower in Seoul, South Korea; Nanjing Art Museum in Nanjing, China; Chennai Airport Extension in Chennai, India, to name a few. Facades of most of the skyscrapers, major airports and major malls of the world have been designed and developed using ATHENA and Flixo respectively.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Hindustan University becomes the First University in the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions to provide such training programs on Greener Engineering CAD software solutions of CAD-PLAN with its business association with Green-CADD.

With this business association, HITS engineering students (Civil, Mechanical, Architecture, Structural and Thermal) will upgrade their engineering knowledge to Facade Engineering by getting trained on ATHENA and Flixo which will further help them gain competitive advantage over their fellow job seekers in the prevailing competitive globe.

Mr.Tamilvaanan Ramalingam, M.S, M.B.A,
Executive Director, CAD-PLAN said, “Being an Alumnus of Hindustan University, is a dream come true experience to bring this technology to Hindustan University. Its heartening to realise that this is an opportunity for us to serve the students fraternity by providing valued added and job oriented training on our Proven, Industry Preferred and Globally Leading software portfolio namely ATHENA and FLIXO which will further equip HITS students with Facade Engineering knowledge. On behalf of CAD-PLAN, we sincerely thank Mr.Ashok Verghese, Director, HITS for his interest and this initiative will be remembered by the facade engineering community for a long time in the years ahead”.

Mrs.Pragatha, B.E, M.B.A, Director, Green-CADD said
, “We are privileged and proud to be associated with Hindustan University in this Greener Engineering Initiative. We consider this as a challenge and will ensure that HITS engineering students gain superlative knowledge on ATHENA and Flixo and excel in their career”.

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