Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shooting Champion of HITS


Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Mr. R.M.Ashwin Kumar, of II 3rd year CSE,HITS won the following medals in the 37th State Level Shooting Championship held at Madras Rifle Club, Chennai from 7th to 11th September 2011.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

  • 25 meter Sport Pistol 278/300 New State Record, 1 individual event Gold and team event Gold.
  • 25 meter Centre Fire (.32) 265/300 New State Record 278/300, 2 individual event Gold - Junior, 1 Individual event Bronze - Senior and 1 team event Gold - Junior & Senior.
  • 25 meter standard Pistol 2 individual event Silver - Junior, team event Gold -Junior &Senior
  • 50 meter free Pistol 2 Bronze - Junior.
  • 10 meter Air Pistol 1 individual event Bronze and team event Gold - Junior.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

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