Monday, August 22, 2011

Basic Counselling Skills for Teachers

A training programme on counseling was conducted by professional counsellors from 19th to 26th July 2011 . 150 staff members of Hindustan University participated in this programme. The primary objective of this programme was to strengthen the counseling activities on campus.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Clinical psychologists from “College for Psycho Social Rehabilitation”, Richmond Fellowship India (RFSI), a NGO based in Bangalore, were the resource faculty members who conducted the training program. The program was slotted between 19th July 2011 and 26th July 2011 (6 days) in 3 batches of 2 days each (50 staff per batch).

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Day 1:
The training program commenced with a group activity aimed at identifying the challenges faced by the students - need for counselling, with reference to the common problems observed among the adolescents. With this understanding about potential problems, the participants were given an orientation on how to identify the students who might need help in the form of counseling and the various stages at which the counseling is required. This was followed by group activities so as to understand the role of the counsellor. There was also a module wherein the participants were made aware of the closed ended and open ended questions and their impact during counseling sessions. The importance of active listening in counselling was very effectively delivered through the group activity.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Day 2:
It commenced with a feedback from the faculty on the proceedings of the Day 1 of the workshop. The first session was about the counselling procedures and methods that need to be followed. This was followed by a self awareness exercise involving all the participants. The afternoon session started with the case study evaluation followed by the role play. A session on ethical code of conduct for counselors was also conducted.

Courtesy: Chennai Engineering Colleges

Feedback on the workshop was obtained from the staff members after the culmination of the six days training program. It concluded with the Valedictory Address by Dr. K. Sarukesi, Vice-Chancellor, HITS.

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