Thursday, November 1, 2012

Formula Italy SAE 2012

2:46 AM by Hindustan University ·
Hindustan University is one among the 3 teams represented INDIA at Formula SAE Italy held between 14-17 September 2012. The event was held at the Riccardo Paletti Circuit, Varano De Malegeri.

On September 13th the team approached Politechnico Di Milano to get input from the team members who had previous experience in this event. The team also visited the workshops and laboratory facilities.

On September 14, the team unpacked the vehicle from the box, arranged pit and fixed the remaining components of the car.

On September 15, the vehicle was taken for first technical inspection to get feedback from the inspectors.

On September 16, the students tried their last shot at technical inspection and the judges gave them lot of feedback about the changes to be made on the car. Judges then judged the design and cost report. The students answered well to all the questions asked by the judges.

The final day of the event the students had a chance to interact with other teams to learn about their experience. The team looked at the dynamic events and learnt the problems and the corrective measures taken by other cars. A participation shield was given to the team.


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