Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ponnonam 2012

Hindustan University celebrated ONAM - ‘PONNONAM 2012’ in all its pomp and glory on Saturday, 25th August 2012. The function was inaugurated by the famous music director and playback singer, Sri Sarath, in the presence of the Management, the Vice Chancellor, Directors, Deans, faculty members and the students of the University. The special guests of the function were the children of the New Life Vision Orphanage, Chennai.

ONAM, being an important festival for every Malayalee, this whole-day get-together was a joyous occasion for the sons and daughters coming from their homeland, Kerala. The festival banishes all the barriers of caste and religion and unites the people to live in unison and in prosperity. This year the students of Hindustan University brought to life their culture with their new ‘setu mundu’ and saries, and ‘mundu’ and shirt. It was a pleasure watching them flaunt their new apparel as they went about organizing the items.

The celebrations for the Onam festival commenced with the exquisite variety of ‘Athapookalam,’ the traditional floral carpet, designed in various corners of the college by the students from all batches. Various cultural programs like dance, songs, fashion show, skit, and the festive dance, ‘Thiruvathira’, were displayed on stage by the students and faculty members.

What brought immense happiness was the presence of our special guests of the function -- the children of the New Life Vision Orphanage, Chennai. Contributions for the children were made by the Management and the Chief Guest. The Management provided them with a special kit which included of number of items purchased as per their requirement and desire. As the kids went up the stage to collect the gifts, there was a thunderous applause by the audience which welled up tears in the eyes of many a beholder.

The program also included the most enjoyable and irresistible beats of the ‘Chendamelam’ bringing everyone into the festive mood. This 30-member group invited from Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, enthralled the audience by leaps and bounds. It was an exciting experience to watch the girls in groups dancing graciously in tune to the ‘Chendamelam’ while the boys joined the rhythmic steps in their own boyish style.

A unique and unbelievable sight was the orphanage girls and boys dancing individually in their own places when the university students invited the little ones to join them in the group. Forgetting all differences in age, class and education, the mixed group danced enthusiastically, to which the ‘Chendamelam’ responded passionately. Seeing this, one of the foreign students said, “I will never forget this scene – Hindustan has made me understand that these kids of the orphanage are our own siblings.”

The function was followed by ‘Onam sadya,’ the traditional meal of Kerala served on the day of Onam with about twenty curries, ‘pappadam,’ ‘pazham’ and ‘payasam’ served for all. The kids of the orphanage participated in it with such relish that it was obvious from their expression that their joy was enhanced by the importance given to them by the institution.

The program was a tremendous success indeed. Thanks to the commitment, coordination and cooperation of the students for which they had been doing the spade work weeks ahead. Gratitude to the Management in general, for their invaluable support for the smooth conduction of the programme. As the function came to a close, there was the smile of satisfaction on every lip for bringing in a touch of Kerala in their hearts and a long lasting memory of happiness in their minds. “Thanks to Hindustan University for bringing our home to us at a time when we are far away from home,” said a Keralite.  


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