Tuesday, September 11, 2012

India’s 1st and World’s 14th Andro humanoid

SAM The Robot V0.0

India’s 1st and World’s 14th Andro humanoid

Shyam .R. Nair M. E. EIE Dept.

Creation of SAM the Andro Humanoid was a dream of Mr. Shyam. R. Nair of EIE department that come true for him. Fourteen months of dedicated and sincere work at the lab established in his residence, helped him to accomplish this project. The concept of inventing an Andro humanoid was embedded in his mind as a result of a particular incident that happened in North India 2 years ago. The incident shocked the nation and it exposed the lack of use of technology and the stark reality of the dangers engulfed around the soldiers of our soil. He recalls the incident wherein the soldiers were on a mission to encounter the terrorists who were in a hide-out. The Indian army battalion based on the information went on amission to ambush the terrorists, but unfortunately they lost their lives due to a bomb blast planted by the terrorists. Unfortunately this was a trap for the Indian army that shook the whole nation.

Mr. Shyam was depressed that our heroes shouldn’t have attained such a fate, when there is so much of advancement in technology such casualties and accidents shouldn’t occur in future. Thus this incident inspired him to do something for the nation to help our soldiers who guard the nation against the terrorists. It pepped up his innate talents and encouraged him to think out of the box to use his technical knowledge and contribute for the nation to save our soldiers.

He started developing the protocol which integrates computational intelligence with human intelligence and named it as “Cascaded Computational Intelligence”. At the initial stages he created a humanoid and then developed a robot model for executing the protocol and finally decided to create the Andro humanoid.

Once he finished the work of andro humanoid, he then decided to publish it in paper. He ended up with 10 international publications of which 6 are journals and 4 are conference papers.

Thereafter he came to know from various reliable sources that his Andro humanoid was the first of its kind in India and 14th in the world.

Features of SAM:
SAM V0.0 is an Andro Humanoid with 32 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom).
He can move in a plain surface using wheels.
He can be controlled by voice commands.
He has unbounded wireless control that make him controlled by me round the world. For example, if SAM is in America and I am at Chennai, I can control him by my voice commands through internet.
He can be used as an Astronaut, in Defense, emergency rescue operation etc in future.


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