Sunday, October 31, 2010

KCTech announces Yuvaraj Pandian as 'E Leader of the Month'

KCG Tech, a branch of Hindustan University is proud to announce that Yuvaraj Pandian as bagged the 'E Leader of the Month'. Chidambaram may have started his plot study on Kashmir late, Vivek Obrai would have spent 25 lakhs on his wedding shoes, BJP activists might attack Arundathi Roy, but you know what is the most interesting of all, it is when our student comes up with flying colors. We are astounded at his passion for his field, we are astonished at his unceasing hunger for the exploration and we are stunned at his genuine efforts towards the same.

Zombies feed on brains but E Leader Yuvaraj Pandain, by his own confession, feeds on codes! The 3rd yr CSE student at KCTECH is bringing his passion for programming into his E Cell. He’s integrating technology to all the E cell's marketing and development efforts, and establishing a new arm to it – the Innovation Cell. Apart from building a dedicated website & creating attractive e-banners to market its events, Yuvaraj also organized the E Cell’s first virtual video conferencing event with Rackspace. The conference emerged as one of the most successful events of the year, with over 120 participants.An enthusiastic crusader for entrepreneurship on campus and beyond, Yuvaraj is active in the Chennai NEN E Cells group. “Entrepreneurship has become my new career path. I plan to work in a startup for a few years and then start my own tech company,” Yuvaraj reveals.

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