Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hindustan University's Lecturer to Present a Paper in Arlington, Virginia, USA

We always boost about our lecturers. Their expertise and dedication to the respective field is what makes us feel veritably proud about them. Their involvement in bringing up students, their objective to streamline them and their devotion to the art of teaching made the lecturers the undoubted pillars of Hindustan University.

From Hindustan to Arlington --- Bon Voyage!

Ms. Indira Chandrasekhara Pillai, Associate Professor in English, Hindustan University is about to present a paper titled “Work in Progress-Singing Your Way to Better Communication Skills - Music in Engineering English Letter Preference” at the 40th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference to be held from 27th to 30th October in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

We convey our hearty wishes to this dedicated lecturer of Hindustan University.

'Thank you for your time & Have a great day'


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