Sunday, March 20, 2011

National Service Scheme (NSS) in one of the best Engineering Colleges Chennai

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The NSS Unit was started in our college in the year 2004. Since then it has been a vibrant and active unit.National Service Scheme (NSS) of KC Tech has been rendering yeoman service to the society. NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our university education. The overall objective of the scheme is educational and service to the community. It is a student–centered program in which projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the clientèle community and thereby it provides vast scope for the students’ interaction with the people.

While interacting with the community the students learn many things which they cannot learn from theory classes. The NSS scheme is aimed at developing the overall personality of the students in such a way so that the students emerge as responsible individuals encompassing the virtues of life . NSS volunteers are an asset to the society. Students through the NSS activities are engaged in actual work not only within the university campus but also their services extend to neighboring schools and colleges. The aim of NSS is to develop a sense of service, team spirit and dignity of labour. The various programm conducted by the NSS have brought about a remarkable change in their outlook and their attitude towards life and society.

The following activities were conducted during the Academic year 2009-2010:

  • A Blood Donation Camp was organized jointly by Y'S Men club of Mylapore, KC Tech NSS unit & YRC Lions club of Bharath. Nearly 157 Units of blood were donated by our students on 11.03.2010. Each Blood Donor was given separate Lions Bank membership card.

  • A seminar on "Donate Eyes, Gift Sight" was organized by KC Tech NSS unit & YRC on 09.09.2009. About 80 Students participated in this Seminar.

  • "Tree Plantation" was organized by KC Tech NSS unit & YRC on 09.09.2009. NSS Volunteers planted the plants in our campus.

  • NSS Unit of KC Tech celebrated Independence Day with all our college Staff and Students. March past, flag hosting and cultural events marked the occasion.

  • A 'Cancer Awareness and Hepatitis Camp' was organized by KC Tech NSS unit & YRC on 08.09.2009. About 80 students participated in this program.

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