Monday, September 27, 2010

Hindustan University have always carried out grand charitable activities

Hindustan University believes in altruistic activities like carrying out charitable works. We believe in charity and hence we support charity. We have always been proud about extending our hands in such divine directions.

Citizens’ Run Trust is the brain child of our interest in charity. The Citizens’ Run Trust was launched exclusively to extend financial support to deserving NGOs who undertake the welfare of various destitute, socially, economically as well as physically and mentally retarded and disadvantaged children and the aged men and women.

In order to mobilize funds for this social cause, the Citizens’ Run Trust has been organizing a cross city run every year since 1996 in which people from different milieux in Chennai participate. This is to create awareness among the citizens about these NGOs. Hindustan
University has been sponsoring this noble cause every year in association with Round Table India, the funds are raised selling T Shirts . This year the Citizens’ Run took place on 1st August. Hindustan University students participated in the Citizens’ Run the money raised
will be used to support the 3 deserving NGO’s such as


"Thank you for your time & Have a great day"


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